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This website has been designed and developed with the intention of publicly displaying the artwork found at Northwest Community Church in Tampa, FL. The artwork was created and donated by Art Inherited Inc. of Land O Lakes, FL. Northwest Community Church has the express permission from Art Inherited Inc. to display this art online and to offer printed copies of this material through the sermononthewall.com online store. A portion of these proceeds will be used to offset production costs. All other proceeds shall be used per the discretion of Northwest Community Church for its continued public ministry. We encourage all of our online visitors to make it a priority to be involved in and committed to a biblically sound, local church.


We have provided on our web site a number of links to external web sites. Please be advised that the content of external web sites may not be under the control of Northwest Community Church. If you have any concerns about any of the links on our web site, we encourage you to contact our church office and express your concern to us.

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